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Thread: Eclipse problem

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    Default Eclipse problem

    So i just got a brand new machine for christmas:) Problem is i used to use Jcreator and now i have eclipse. My problem is making new files and projects its kinda weird can someone post step by step on how to do this

    All help is appreciated:)
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    Eclipse has already done this with their help files. It takes a bit of effort to go through and learn, but it's well worth it.

    Much luck!

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    That's the trouble with Eclipse: it's way too easy to install: just download everything to your harddisk and you're done. Then comes trouble: people start Eclipse and they want to start to type. They don't realize that Eclipse wants to know and has to know the name of the project, the name of the package and the name of the class you want to create.

    If it knows all that it can actually manage your project, your packages and your classes (and of course your source files). Eclipse can show your projects in several ways; the best known 'perspective' is the Java perspective. In a perspective you can show one or more views of your projects. A few handy views are the Editor(s) view, the Package(s) view and a Console; you can customize those views and put them where you want.

    I strongly suggest that you play a bit with Eclipse before you join the tribes of people that simply scream that 'Eclipse can't do it!'. Eclipse can do it but for now you don't know how to make Eclipse do it. Just in case: there are folks that complain about NetBeans in a similar way.

    kind regards,


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