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    Default UML tool for java

    Hey guys,
    This is my first thread on this site. I am a beginner java. So, I have some java files created in a directory, I use jedit as a editor. Now, the problem I am facing is there are many files in the directory and I can not make out which file is linked to other file. I searched for a uml plugin for jedit, but could not find one. Any other tools besides jedit plugin for uml can also work for me. My basic need is I want to view all the related files at one time, in a single window. So, guys do you know any such tool for doing the same. One more thing I would like to mention is, I have an old laptop, so please do not recommend me eclipse. I just want a simple and light weight uml generator for java, which can show java files as a uml diagram, this can make my work more fast. Hope for a reply guys, please help.

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    Most tools work the other way around, you create UML and then it generates code stubs for you. Most tools of that nature (Visual Paradigm, Rational Rose, Etc..) are heavier weight than Netbeans/Eclipse - You must have an ancient laptop if Eclipse is too much for it. If you're a beginner, how is it that you have so many classes that a simple pen/paper uml isn't sufficient? I didn't have projects with more than about 10 classes until my second year of college. Anyway, good luck!

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