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    Exclamation JSP code to connect, store and retrieve from database

    Hi all,

    So glad to find this forum...
    I am totally new to servlets and JSP and started to learn them a few days back.
    But my teacher gave an assignment in JSP which I have no clue how to do.

    Can anyone please help me out??

    The assignment is this...

    A JSP code to create Employee details with the following fields :
    1. Name
    2. Salary
    3.Employee ID

    It should also have options to Add and Modify.

    And once the form is filled and saved, a page containing the details of all employees including the newly added one must be displayed.

    I am supposed to store it in a database and also be able to retrieve it.

    I guess some of you might laugh at me as this appears simple... but I'm a total fresher at this stuff... I need your help people!! :confused:

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