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    Exclamation String passing

    What should I be aware of when it comes to String passing? I think when I was programming, I passed primitive values most of the time, and my teacher said to be careful of String passing, so I don't know what I should pay attention to?

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    Strings in Sun's Tutorial might be worth reading.

    I'm not aware of anything special to be aware of with regard to passing a reference to a string to a method. (or of return values). But remember that you use equals() to compare strings to see if they consist of the same characters in the same order. (== compares the reference values). And that strings are immutable - they will forever consist of the same characters they started with. So "str.toUpperCase()" won't convert str, instead you have to form a new string and assign it back to the variable with "str=str.toUpperCase()".

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