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    Default Simple Programming problem loop in array

    When a if condition is met I want an incremental loop to exit without continuing the loop. How can I do this.

    Basically get a word string from user : iterate thorugh 1 string variable in an array of 100 objects.


    upto j=100
    wordObj is an array of objects
    getWord retrieves a word string in each object.
    Basically go through all array objects if match found exit the 100 if match found at 21 not necessary to go all the way to 100.....

    Simple bit but I am stuck!!

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    a break can get you out, or you can use a boolean variable that the loop checks before looping, and set it if the word is found.

    Incidentally, don't do this:
    Java Code:
    if (wordObj[j].getWord()==word) {
    because you shouldn't compare String variables or literals for equality using ==. The == operator checks to see if one variable refers to the same object as another. But this isn't what you care about. You care that the Strings hold the same text sequences regardless if they are the same object or not. So instead compare Strings with the equals or equalsIgnoreCase method:
    Java Code:
    if (wordObj[j].getWord().equals(word)) {

    Much luck!

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