I have a very simple html file say abc.html which has several values being displayed. This page will reload itself. This is the Javascript code that I have written.

Java Code:
<script Language="JavaScript">

       var URL   = "javascript:document.authenticateForm.submit()"

       var speed = 5000

       function reload(){

       location = URL



I am totally new to Java. My request is that I want to load this html in my Java stand alone application and these values to be displayed. This html file will be in the local directory along with my Java application. I want this Javascript page refresh to work.

How do I do this ? Could you show me some examples to load html files not on a website but from the local directory.

I would be extremely happy if you can also show me how I can achieve "minimize to system tray" along with Browser control.

Pls note that my application might be used both on Windows and Linux.