Hi my code is running fine and everything but for somereasons my results seemt to be wrong about 50% of the time.

This is what my results look like
Java Code:
Name of the team:
There is 2 number of players for team Team1
please enter name of player 1: John
please enter name of player 2: Pete
Name of the team:
There is 2 number of players for team Team2
please enter name of player 1: Leo
please enter name of player 2: Simon

TEAM Team1
51 John
17 Pete

TEAM Team2
56 Leo
68 Simon

51 John was picked
30 is the score
68 Simon was picked
68 is the score
For simon it is correct since the number infront is the score but for John the score is something random. It might be something really simple that I'm unable to spot. Please if you have any time see if you can find the problem

Below is my program

Java Code:
public class Driver {
	public static void main (String [] a) {
		Team nr1 = new Team();
		Team nr2 = new Team();
		int Team1score;
		int Team2score;
		Team1score = nr1.randomscore();
		Team2score = nr2.randomscore();
Java Code:
import java.util.Scanner;

public class Team {
	private String[] players;
	private int[] score;
	static int nrplayers = (int)Math.floor(Math.random()*(9))+2;
	public Team () {
		Scanner in = new Scanner (System.in);
		System.out.println("Name of the team: ");
		String teamname = in.next();
		players = new String [nrplayers];
		System.out.printf("There is %d number of players for team %s \n", (nrplayers-1), teamname);
		players[0] = teamname;
		for (int i=1; i<players.length; i++){
			score = new int [nrplayers-1];
			for (int s=0; s<nrplayers-1; s++){
				score[s] = (int)Math.floor(Math.random()*(100));
			System.out.printf("please enter name of player %d: ", (i));
			String pname = in.next();
			String space = " ";
			pname = score[i-1]+space+pname;
			players[i] = pname;
	public int randomscore () {
		int randomplayer = (int)Math.floor(Math.random()*(players.length-1))+1;
		System.out.println(players[randomplayer] + " was picked");
		int randomPLSC = score[randomplayer-1];
		System.out.println(randomPLSC + " is the score");
		return randomPLSC;
	public String [] ref () {
		System.out.println("\nTEAM " + players[0]);
		for (int i=1; i<players.length; i++){
		return players;