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    Default Couple of questions regarding threading

    Teacher posted some review questions and I'm not to sure on these 2. If someone could explain the answers i'd greatly appreciate it.

    1) Given a Runnable-derived class: MyTask, please use an ExecutorService object to create three threads, each of which runs MyTask. Assume the constructor of MyTask is default, requiring no arguments.


    2) Here is a simple class:

    class MyClass{
    public synchronized void func1( ){


    public synchronized void func2( ){


    MyClass myObject=new MyClas( ); // shared by both thread
    Thread 1

    myObj.func1( );
    Thread 2

    myObj.func2( );

    Do you think Thread 1 and Thread 2 can run myObj.func1() and myObj.fun2() during the same time? Why or why not? Explain in detail.

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    Typical exam trick question. No, thread1 and thread2 cannot do that as the code won't compile. myObj is never initialized.
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