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    Default Java Menu Help

    I am trying to make a program I wrote in my java class more "mac friendly". My problem is my accelerators only work when I pull down the JMenu the JMenuItem is in. I am running this in snow leopard with JavaSe-1.6 VM. They are working like mnemonics more than shortcuts.... Thanks a lot!

    Here is a example...
    about = new JMenuItem("About");
    about.setAccelerator(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEve nt.VK_A((Toolkit.getDefaultToo
    JMenu help = new JMenu("Help");

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    If you need more help post your SSCCE that shows the problem.

    And don't forget to use the "Code" tags so the posted code is readable.

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    Default calling a method..

    AudioProxy audio = KivoxFactory.getProxyFactory().createAudioProxy("1 234-1234");

    can u define me getProxyFactory().createAudioProxy("1234-1234"); what is the meaning of this.
    and can we call a method using another method..

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