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    Question How do I convert Little endian to Big endian?


    I am reading a file a byte at a time and storing it in a Byte array.
    There is one point in the file where I suspect the bytes are being stored in little endian format.
    Since java uses only Big endian (right?) how would I go about taking this Byte, extracting its little endian value doing what ever I need to do to it and then store it back as a little endian format byte?

    Thank you for any help.


    00000010 - if i take the value in java it will be 2 i need to have java take its value as 64, then I would lets say half this value making it 32 and then store it back in little endian format so it would store as 00000100.
    A built in function would be great but I havent had any luck finding any...

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    Default .

    i found this on google maybe you can use it:

    Java Code:
    // 2-byte number
    int SHORT_little_endian_TO_big_endian(int i)
        return ((i>>8)&0xff)+((i << 8)&0xff00);
    // 4-byte number
    int INT_little_endian_TO_big_endian(int i)

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    Read the API documentation for the ByteBuffer class; you can create one given an array of bytes and you can set the byte order with one of its order( ... ) methods; at the end just read integer values from the buffer.

    kind regards,


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