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    Default School project: network program via java any ideas?

    Heya I'm new here, and new to java as well. So far I've only been using Visual Basic, some tpascal and c. Mostly just VB. Now recently I was shoved in to the realm of java.

    They want me to make a network application using java. I have zero knowledge of the possibilities in java, and frankly, way too little lessons to learn enough to emerge victorious.

    So I'm turning to you guys, if you have any ideas on network application that's not way too complex, but neither a one hour job. Something you feel confident I might be able to do without being a java expert.

    Just throw em ideas here, and why you think it would be suitable :)

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    A simple chat application?
    A program to upload things to a teachers map and also the ability to download using the download map from that teacher? they can download their tests and upload their result without beeing able to download from the upload zone.

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    You're trying to let a beginner java programmer make a chat program? lol. Anyway, If you want to make a chat program lookup "Sockets" and "Streams".

    What about applets? they can do nice stuff aswell
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