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    Post Open an RDP file with Remote Desktop Connection

    New to Java Forums. :D

    I frequently remote into my home computer, and I'm writing an application to make life a little easier where that is concerned.

    So far, the app pings my computer, and if it doesn't get a reply, it sends a "wake up on lan" "magic packet" to wake up the computer, then continues pinging (up to 4 more times) until it gets a response.

    Once it gets a reply, I want to call an .RDP file, which is just a plaintext XML-style file that stores Remote Desktop Connection settings.

    I know that in order to call a program, in this case RD, I just use this:
    Java Code:
    And that DOES open the program, but I'd like to open a specific FILE with that program. Any ideas?

    (Note: To simplify it, just telling me how to open a .txt and force it to open in notepad.exe would be fine, as I assume it's the same idea. )
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