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    Default Help with JAVA (Grade Book)

    Please I need help with this Question. :confused:

    A teacher has five students who have taken four tests. The teacher uses the following grading scale to assign a letter grade to a student, based on the average of his or her four test scores:

    D= 60-69
    F = 0-59

    Write a class that uses a String array or an ArrayList object to hold the five students' names, an array of five characters to hold the five students letter grades, and five arrays of four doubles each to hold each student's set of test scores. The class should have methods that return a specific student's name, average test score, and a letter grade based on the average.

    Demonstrate the calss in a program that allows the user to enter each students name and his or her four test scores. It should display each students average test score and letter grade.

    Do not accept test scores less than zero or greater than 100.

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    What do you need help with? What have you done so far? Break it down into small chunks.
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    How much progress have you made till now?

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    Hope your teacher doesn't find you here. Make some personal effort to solve your assignment. That said, read the solution to your task from the links below.

    1) Java Sample Program - Grade Computation Standalone Application - Free Source code

    2) How to Make a Grade Maker in Java - wikiHow

    3) Exercise: Grade

    4) The Java Program:

    Read all and try put everything together to solve your problem. If you get stuck, post what you are doing and where you are having trouble and members of the forum will assist you.

    I hope this helps.

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