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    Default HastTable help containsKey

    I was wondering if anyone could help me, I have this lab project dealing with HashTables, it needs a containsKey and here is the code I put:

    Java Code:
    public boolean containsKey(K key) {
            int hashindex = hindex(key);
            Node<K,D> head = (Node<K,D>) hashTable[hashindex];
            if (hashindex == null) return false;
            else return true;

    But using BlueJ when I try to compile I get this error: incomparable types: int and <nulltype>

    Can anyone help me figure out why this occuring or what I need to fix? Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpdog14 View Post
    Java Code:
           if (hashindex == null) return false;
    The line above doesn't make any sense; an int can never be null and that's what your compiler was whining about; it even gave you the line number in its error message.

    kind regards,


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