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    Unhappy How do i find the reciprocal of a number in java?


    I cant seem to find a way to find the reciprocal of a number in java, any ideas?

    For example, finding the reciprocal of 2


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    The problem is likely that you're doing int division. If you divide an int by an int, you'll get an int. For instance:

    1/2 will = 0
    5/4 will = 1

    To fix this, use double. For the inverse of two, you'll want to do one of these:

    Java Code:
    double invOfTwo = 1.0/2.0;
    // or
    invOfTwo = (double) 1 / 2;

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    Well, the reciprocal of a number is 1 over that number - e.g. the reciprocal of 2 is 1/2.

    You would do this in Java the same way you do it on paper.

    Java Code:
    double number = 2;
    double inverse = 1.0 / number;
    Using 1.0 ensures that the result will be a double, even if "number" is an int.
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