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    Default Compile failed, messages should have been provided

    I have this problem
    Java Code:
    [javac] Compiling 1178 source files to C:\exj\classes
    [javac] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/tools/javac/Main
    [javac] Exception in thread "main"
    C:\dbC\build.xml:75: Compile failed, messages should have been provided.
    Total time: 1 second
    what's the problem?
    do you have any ideas?

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    The tools.jar file is not in your class path. This jar is typically part of the jdk. I think ant is trying to invoke this class without using the javac.exe but it cannot find it in the class path.

    My guess is that you only have the JRE installed and not the JDK or if you do you are running java.exe from the JRE and not the JDK directory.

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    Pls check all jar files are presented in lib directory or not? Pls let us to know about the JDK version

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