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    Default how to stop/exit the mediabox JAVAFX

    may i know how to exit the mediabox?
    for example i create a group inside that is the mediabox
    but when i click the close button(custom button) it will go to the other group
    and thus exit the mediabox.
    current situation is that when i click the close button,
    it will continue playing. or it will pause when i code it mediabox.paused();

    this is my code
    var btnCloseDetail: CustomButton = CustomButton {
    fitWidth: 78
    x: (Screen.primary.visualBounds.width - 80) as Integer;
    y: (Screen.primary.visualBounds.width - (Screen.primary.visualBounds.width - 30)) as Integer;

    onMousePressed: function(e: MouseEvent) {
    detailWind.opacity = 0;
    btnCloseDetail.visible = false;

    delete mediaBox from detailPage.content;

    navBtnGrp.disable = false;;
    pageNode = Constant.RESULT_PAGE;

    var mediaBox:MediaBox;
    function playVideo(){
    delete detailPage.content;
    insert btnCloseDetail into detailPage.content;

    var media = "file:///C:/A.flv";
    mediaBox = MediaBox {
    // your media(video/audio) source and information
    // Only mediaSource is the required variable. All others are optional.
    mediaSource: media
    mediaTitle: "Big Buck Bunny"
    mediaDescription: "A well-tempered rabbit finds his day..."

    // controls the visibility of mediaTitle/mediaDescription
    showMediaInfo: true

    // the position and size of the media on screen
    translateX: 300
    translateY: 300
    width: 640
    height: 360

    // make the movie play as soon as it's loaded
    autoPlay: true

    // media controlbar height at the bottom of the media view
    mediaControlBarHeight: 25

    // some examples of function variables to interact with outside
    onEndOfMedia: function() {

    onMouseClicked: function(me) {
    insert mediaBox into detailPage.content;

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    For me this is not a Java code, this is a JavaScript code. This is not a JS forum. It's better to ask your question in JS forum.

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    this is a javafx coding
    by the way i have solve it already

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