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    Question How do I list values of an arrays in a comma seperted list

    HI everyone, I am working on an application to help students in our university register units(well don't mind units, something like subjects to be undertaken in a particular semester) on-line.Now I have everything working up to the point of registration so definitely it would be a good idea to tell the student of not only the successful unit registration but also list the successfully registered units.During the registration, the students input is a line containing the following information
    Java Code:
    I split the above with the code below
    Java Code:
    System.out.println("Enter CAMPUSNAME REG-NUMBER UNIT1-UNIT2-UNIT3-...-UNIT8 the  units MUST not exceed 8: ")
    String studentsInput = new Scanner( );
    String inputParts [ ]  = studentsInput.split( " ") ;
    /*campus, regNumber units and unitCodes [ ] were  declared as instance fields somewhere up there ^ /*
    campus = inputParts[ 0 ]; 
    regNumber = inpuParts[ 1 ];
    units = inputParts[ 2 ] ;
    Since units is our point of interest here, i'll ignore the rest.So the units is something like SMA100-SCH300-SBC400-SPH100-SCH200 .I further split the units with '-' as the delimiter,
    Java Code:
    unitCodes  = units.split ( "-") ;
    Now I have the students campus, regNumber and an array of unitCodes the student wishes to register, just what the function below
    Java Code:
     registerUnits (String _campus, String _regNumber, String _unitCodes [] )
    needs, so I call the function and passes the parameters to it, and the rest is up to me.Now here is what you might be up to,Apparently the function registerUnits( ) { } does everything right and now I have to tell the student that the unit registration was successful.I can easily do that, with ...
    Java Code:
    System.out.println(regNumber+": You successfully registered  "+unitCodes.length +" units.");
    However, I would really appreciate listing the units in a coma separated list, so I worked this out but it just isn't taking me nowhere,
    Java Code:
    for(int i = 0;i<unitCodes.length;i++)
           String  registeredUnits = unitCodes[ i ]+",";
    then i would append the registeredUnits to the message that I would tell the student
    Java Code:
    System.out.println("You successfully registered the units: "+registeredUnits+".Thanks for using this service.");
    But like I said the output of the above isn't the best several modifications have just appended either the first unit (unitCodes[ 0 ]") or the first and the last (unitCodes[unitCodes.length]) units to the output,which isn't encouraging to a young programmer.Anyone with a better idea on how I would go about this?
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    Oo you double posted =) Still missing { } on the loop =) dont you?

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