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    Default different instant variable of same class

    Hai all

    is the values are storing statically and why???????????????

    if you run the programme it willl give the output

    Name : Anna
    Name : Beah
    Name : Cris
    Id : 1
    Name : Cris
    Grade : 32.1
    Id : 2
    Name : Cris
    Grade : 32.1
    Id : 3
    Name : Cris
    Grade : 32.1

    see the name and grade is setting as static why????????

    Q 2)
    another programme

    public class Testings {

    public static void main (String[] args) {
    X xx;
    X yy;
    X zz;
    xx=new X();
    yy=new X();
    zz=new X();
    System.out.println (xx.getStudentId());

    System.out.println (yy.getStudentId());

    System.out.println (zz.getStudentId());
    System.out.println (xx.getStudentId());



    class X {

    private int studentId;
    public int getStudentId()
    return studentId;

    * Changes the value of studentId
    public void setStudentId(int studentId)

    this.studentId = studentId;


    the out put is


    why is like this though the setting is done to a single private int studentId; but done by different instant variable of same class
    i'm confused please explain correctly if any on can

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    As far as your first question is concerned, there is nothing static here (except the count). The reason why the student record information is the same for all three students is that ... the same student record was assigned to all three of them!

    The second question is very similar: again the id is not static. So setting it to different values for the three students results in all three having different values.

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