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    Default method

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    class ReturnFileLine {
    	private String files;
    	private String fileread;
    	public ReturnFileLine(String filename) {
    	files = filename;
    	public int total() throws IOException {
    	File in = new File(files);
    	Scanner read = new Scanner(in);
    	int inc=0;
    	do {
    	inc = inc+1;
    	fileread = read.nextLine();
    	} while (read.hasNextLine());	
    	return inc;
    	public String readLine(int num) throws IOException {
    	File in = new File(files);
    	Scanner read = new Scanner(in);
    	String readLine=null;
    	for (int n=1;n<=num;n++) {
    	readLine = read.nextLine(); 
    	return readLine;
    class ReadFile {
    	public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    	ReturnFileLine rfl = new ReturnFileLine("E:\\Web\\web.txt");
    	System.out.println("Total lines ";
    	System.out.println("Text at line 40 are:" +rfl.readLine(40));
    just wondering, do i have to put
    File in = new File(files);
    Scanner read = new Scanner(in);
    in method every time i want to read file?
    Thank you

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    no you can make those static variables(global variables???). Declare them inside your class but outside your methods.

    static String files = new String("some file location");
    static File in = new File(files);
    static Scanner read = new Scanner(in);

    You might also be able to link it all together.

    static Scanner read = (new File(new String("File name"));

    I don't reccomend doing it this way though unless you don't need to use files or in outside of that line.
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    Store the File rather than the String. That is create the File object inthe constructor from the supplied filename. Other than that, you need to reopen the file for each method since they do different things. Sharing an IO resource between them doesn't make sense to me.

    There's absolutlely no need to make things static. In fact I would argue it's a mistake, since you have defined a perfectly good class there with perfectly good attributes.

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