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    Default newbie question

    I am new to Java. I use to program in VB where I could create a small desktop app with a small db to store names.

    this could be compiled to run anywhere.

    So I guess my question is how do I go about it in Java?

    I guessing I can't use anything with a server (mysql, etc) because it can't be standalone.

    If someone could just point me in the right direction such as: use sqlite, random access, etc..

    I really like the idea of java, write one run anywhere.

    looking to create a desktop standalone

    i'm using ubuntu / netbeans

    thanks guys

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    Ron, welcome to the forum, and I hope your question gets answered, but I do request that if you cross-post a question you provide links to the other cross-posts. Nobody likes duplicating work that's already been done, and really it's not fair to the volunteers who help out at this and other forums. Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Default Thank You

    I'll keep that in mind. Forums are always my last resort. I do most of the work. Just need a nudge sometimes.:)

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