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    Question Best way to delete all files with a prefix?

    So when I start my program I need to delete any Files it may have created last run. There will always be one called output.txt so I just use:
    Java Code:
    new File("output.txt").delete();
    There can also be any number of files that will Start with the word phase and then be followed by their phase number and individual ID numbers with the extention .txt.

    What is the best way to delete all files with the folder that begin with the prefix "phase"?

    I was going to just search for phase files squentialy since they are increasingly numbered and delete them untill I can not find anymore but there must be a better way.

    Thank you for any help.

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    Are the files in a specific folder? Are you trying to delete the entire folder? Or do you want to only delete specific files?

    Regardless, check out the file.listFiles() method. If the "file" specifies a directory, the returned list is a File array of ALL files in that folder.

    From then, you can run a loop and delete only the files that you want. Or, you could use one of the other listFiles methods, which filters the list to only include what you want.
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    Worked Great Thanks!

    If anyone else is intrested this is what I did;

    Java Code:
    //Delete the file that will always be there
    new File(args[6]).delete();
    //Get a list of Files in my current Dir
    File[] dirFiles = new File(".").listFiles();
    //Search Through the list
    for (int i=0; i<dirFiles.length; i++)
                 //If the Files starts with the word "phase"
    	if (dirFiles[i].getName().startsWith("phase", 0))
                              //Delete This file
    		new File(dirFiles[i].getName()).delete();

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