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    Arrow Check difference between no. of stops, calculate cost

    Hi everyone,

    I’m working on a public transport card system which records the no. of stops of the journey and then calculates the costs. I’m a bit lost with this program and I hope you can help me...

    Features; the fare for up to 3 stops is charged £4, after than each stop is calculated as £2. How can I calculate the difference in stops between firstStop and lastStop? Also, how do I calculate the price? Let’s say they get on the bus on ‘stop 3’ and go to ‘stop 9’, how would I code this?

    From what I know, it seems that I have to do two different things;

    a) Firstly, code a calculation which checks the difference between the stops, i.e. 6 stops – but then again, what if they go from ‘stop 7’ to ‘stop 2’? I will end up with negative numbers!

    b) Secondly, I have to put the no. of stops in a calculation that will determine the cost...

    So in short I need help with the following;

    How can I calculate the difference between the stops without going into negative figure?
    2) How can I code a calculation which says; if stops = ‘1, 2, 3’ then charge £4, anything higher add £2 for each stop.

    I urgently need some guidance regarding this,

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    Basically you have number of locations to stop, say 1,2,3...... and so on. You've seen this order when you traveling from one direction. What happen if you travel to other direction? Then the order is .....3,2,1. In that sense you have to keep track on which direction you are traveling. How you going to solve that?

    Can you show your effort here.

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