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    Exclamation java INVALID COPYRIGHT PARAMETER daily fx free charts

    please help with my question no one who knows will or can help i am brand new to this site -also if it is in the wrong section please place in correct section:confused:

    i used to use java on daily fx free charts then all of a sudden they failed just saying INVALID COPYRIGHT PARAMETER when failing to come propperly online after trying to
    I have uninstalled java and re installed it and enabled it in internet options I am using home edition xp I use explorer windows I just will use explorer fierfox just destroys everything and everything comes to a halt anyway THAT ISNíT THE PROBLEM I contacted java no help
    also cleared cache and restored normal compute:confused settings

    some of the small features work on java on the site but not the mail free daily charts also the progress bar dosnt go across the logo goes round then fails with a grey page saying invalid copyright parameter please help and fix telling me what i need to do i have tried everything

    I cant use it help it just says the same what to do to fix this help please

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    Did a licence for some (commercial) third party library expire? The (chaotic) details you supplied aren't much help ...

    kind regards,


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