Hi all,

I am familiar with Java, but, new to iText. I don't know whether this is the right place for this kind of post or not.
I find no specific place/folder specially for iText.

My issue/problem starts here:

I am using iText-2.1.4.jar & iText-rtf-2.1.4.jar files for working with iText. In my pdf file, I have 2 PdfPTables. I need to add dotted/dashed lines after few cells within the PdfPTable(s).

So, please, can anyone help me regarding this problem. I was struck up here since a day ago. I spent nearly 4 hours of my time, but, no solution was/is found.

I request you all to please spend 2 minutes of your valuable time in filling the gap within my work.

Thanks in advance.
Waiting for your replies...