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    Default Reading & Analyzing a Text file and

    Hi everyone ..

    Actually I have a little problem with reading and analyzing files in java :

    if I have a file which contains an English text, and I want to analyze .. and I want to count the number of specific words , and print their index in the file !

    Example :
    "In these ways, the testing methodology provides a window into the total Web Experience from the customer’s point of view, providing insight and direction for business decision- makers. Marketing executives discover how they should allocate resources for maximal impact, while designers obtain insight into why particular features and functions are not working as planned and how to best modify them."

    in this text : I have 14 words that their length is 3
    and 3 words as "and", in the indexes : (i,j) , 'i' is the line number and 'j' is the word number in that line ..
    Note : we will ignore the commas and dots.

    question : how do I know if it's gonna be new line, space or whatever ?

    thanks for help :)

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    The readLine method of a BufferedReader already reads line by line.
    If you then split each line by space then you've taken care of the second question as well.

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