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    Default Reading a txt file and then storing it in a 2d array

    This has got me completely stumped.

    Part of a project I'm doing requires me to write a method that loads in a txt file that contains "-"s and "0"s that form a grid image.

    An example of this is...


    Next i need to store this information into an ArrayList object two dimensional.
    And it should be a 2d array of chars.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    It's always best to first try to solve this on your own, and then failing that, post your best attempt here. Otherwise you'll be cheating yourself out of a valuable educational opportunity. Much luck!

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    Default I'm not trying to cheat

    I'm just asking for assistance with one specific method in my big program that I have to do that has me completely stumped.

    I've been trying for quite some time to solve this. All i know is that I have to use the BufferedReader and read in the txt file and then somehow put the data into a 2d array.

    I'm clueless on how to do that -.- I would put some code if i knew.

    maybe this code is used...???

    public void load(String sourceName) {

    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(sourceName));
    Followed by code to put data into a 2d array? idk -.- haha

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