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    Smile How can i execute one java file(dynamically created) from the other


    I need a solution for the below problem...

    How can i execute one java file(dynamically created) from the other? I am using Eclipse editor for my programming...

    In detail what i am doing is.....

    I have class A which contains the main method. In this file A i have the code to generate the Class B (created during runtime while executing class A). And i want to execute the class B from class A itself?

    I have tried ......Run.getruntime.exec("javac B") and Run.getruntime.exec("java B"). But this doesnot works.

    If reflection concept works in this case please let me know how to use that.

    Anyone please suggest me the solution. If you want more details please let me know i will provide.


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    As of 1.6 you can use the java compiler API to dynamically compile source file.

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