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    Default <identifier> expected, illegal start of type

    Hi, i'm new to java and trying to make a simple program with image icon embedded in checkbox but the program always show
    <identifier> expected
    illegal start of type
    ')' expected
    ';' expected on line 15

    Below is my program:

    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.applet.Applet;

    // To run this program the classname must be the same with its filename
    public class Vote1 extends JFrame implements ActionListener, ItemListener

    //This are the variables i use in the program
    Label lbl1 = new Label("WELCOME");

    Label chairman = new Label("CHAIRMAN");
    Checkbox cnd1 = new Checkbox("A");
    cnd1.setIcon(new ImageIcon("usIcon.gif"));
    Checkbox cnd2 = new Checkbox("B");

    Label secretary = new Label("SECRETARY");
    Checkbox cnd3 = new Checkbox("C");
    Checkbox cnd4 = new Checkbox("D");

    Label treasurer = new Label("TREASURER");
    Checkbox cnd5 = new Checkbox("E");
    Checkbox cnd6 = new Checkbox("F");

    Button smit = new Button("Submit");


    plz advice, thx..

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    You can't put
    Java Code:
    cnd1.setIcon(new ImageIcon("usIcon.gif"));
    outside of a method. Only declarations are allowed outside a method.

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