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    Default Why use layout managers in applet?


    I am a bit green with Java and don't really understand its philosophy yet. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why layout managers are used in applets rather than just physically laying out with setBounds(...) method. It seems to me that Java applets have fixed dimensions anyway and resizing them is not going to take advantage of auto-re layout as a result of resizing.

    Anyway, just wondered what people thought about using setBounds(...) in a applet of fixed dimensions?


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    I'm not an expert in this, far from it, but can't the user resize the applet if desired? That can surely uglify a null-layout gui. Also, will running the applet on different OS's or different screen resolutions change the "beauty" of the GUI if null layout is used? Just some thoughts of mine.

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    ok, I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about but I have not succeeded in resizing an applet in Google Chrome. Maybe there is a way to pop out an applet from the browser window? or not without programming it that way?

    I was thinking that if the setBounds(...) method was used it would display in exactly the same way in every single browser, every single OS, except maybe for the font (possibly). It would however make it inflexible when it came to resizing but I am thinking an embedded applet can't be resized anyway?

    Am I making sense?

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