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    Default How to set enabled my JButton...?

    My JButton will be disabled when running my program... my JButton will be enabled if the value or parameter are equal to 3...
    for example: 1 value is path of the file i selected.
    2 vaue is path of the directory i selected.
    3 value is path of i want to be creating a output.
    if this three value will complete my JButton will be going to enabled...
    and i have no problem with that.

    if i just type a words or letters let say "abcd" of the three TextField... my JButton will not be enabled what should i do to enabled my JButton even though I'm just type a words or letters...?

    Any Idea...?
    hope you help me.

    Thanks in Advance...

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    Can you paste your code that has the problem. To be honest, I can't figure out a word of what you're saying, but that's because you haven't pasted code that one can check out and see what the problem is.
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    Perhaps a DocumentListener on the JTextFields that need to be complete and only enable the button if al 3 aren't empty. If this doesn't help, then post an SSCCE.

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    Did you try setEnabled(boolean isEnabled). I think this may help :

    Java Code:
    button.addActionListener(new ActionListener()
        public void run()
            if(!textField.getText().equals("")) // if the JTextField is not empty then enable the button
    the code check only 1 JTextField but you can add them if you want in your program.

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