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    Question Project Question Urgent?

    So I'm making this gradebook project and I'm so close to being finished but I'm stuck on how to remove a student from the array. I have to display a list of students and let the user select one (already done), i just don't know how i would take out that student. I know i need to change the length of the array and take the student out, I just don't know how. HELP!! thanks sorry gotta add the code

    public static void removeStudent(String []studentName, int [] studentGrade, int size){
    int choice;
    for (int i=0; i<size; i++){
    System.out.print (i +" "+studentName [i]+" "+studentGrade[i]);
    System.out.print ("Which student would you like to remove?");
    choice = kb.nextInt();

    ya it's in methods just assume everything else works heres the beginning
    int choice;
    int size = 0;
    String studentName[]= new String [25];
    int studentGrade[]= new int [25];

    out.println("Please enter your name");//Allows user to make choice
    String name = kb.nextLine();
    do {
    out.println("\n\n*******" + name + "'s Gradebook*******");
    out.println("1. Add a student");
    out.println("2. Update a student's grade");
    out.println("3. Remove a student");
    out.println("4. View the gradebook");
    out.println("5. Display the highest grade");
    out.println("6. Quit");
    out.print("\nPlease enter your selection: ");

    choice = kb.nextInt();

    //Clears the buffer

    switch(choice) {
    case 1://Add a student
    addStudent(studentName, studentGrade, size);
    size ++;

    case 2:// Update a student's grade
    updateGrade (studentName, studentGrade, size);


    case 3: //Remove a student.


    case 4://View the gradebook.
    viewBook (studentName, studentGrade, size);


    case 5://Display the highest grade.
    HighGrade (studentName, studentGrade, size) ;

    case 6://Quit
    out.println("Thanks for using the FriscoCorp system.");

    }while(choice != 6);
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    you can't change the length. Arrays have a fixed size ArrayLists are dynamic and can be changed on the fly. To remove a student from the list you can just set array[i] = null, where i = the students location.
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