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    Default New Project Helpppp!!!

    I have a Drink making project in which I need to make a GUI for. I have downloaded Netbeans and am currantly reading thru all the online tutorials. I need help with the following.

    How would I use java to control my arduino mega control board.

    How do i program a button to load another jframe when clicked.

    I want to build a database in which I can add and store drink recipes to search through with information like
    A importable image
    Drink Name
    Ingredients (that tell the control board what to do)
    (So basically to be able to have a button that would add a new recipe, when clicked it would take you to a new frame that would allow you to input
    ingredients(chosen from a drop down menu or slider)
    type of drink
    instructions (that would appear ina text box when you view the material)

    Finally, make a slider that uses the photos uploaded above to allow the user to scroll through all the drinks in the database and choose which one they like.

    Any information or tips would be greatly apreciated. If anyone is interested in helping me more directly, I can try to pay you what I can for your time in getting it working. Thanks for any help

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