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    Default How does the several 'development kit's ' differ?

    could someone please highlight for me the differences between the several “development kits” , specially the smart card development kits.


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    If you mention or explain fully what the "develoment kits" are, forum members may know exactly how to tell the differences between them and what they do.


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    thank you both for showing interest in my post.

    I have previously written code in .Net environment and is recently switching to Java for a job vacancy I am interested in. The Java environment to me is not more than the course I took at university 5 years ago, never worked on it, dont even know the key words used.

    This job i am applying to have asked me to do a small presentation before they decide to accept me or not. thus some of the questions i need to answer is "whats the difference between the development kits" ... I was hoping someone with a broader knowledge on this could help me.

    I could copy the tasks if that would help:

    ************************************************** *****
    " In order to select the most suitable candidate for the offered positions at the R&D department for the “Smart Card Developer Engineer” vacancy we need you to work on a small presentation on the subject below.

    You need to prepare a simple JAVA applet, for instance, “Hello World”, “E-Wallet”.

    The task will include the following:

    • Description on the IDE selection “why, and what is the benefit?”
    • Detailed description on how to implement “Java Card Development kit 2.2.2 with the IDE”
    • Highlight on the difference between “development kit”
    • Comments on the code for the sample applet selected
    • Applet Loading techniques “Step By Step“ description
    • Required configuration for applet installation on the chip card.
    • Summary and lesson learned feedback

    Forums related to java card development will be a perfect resource.

    Please note that the presentation will be for maximum 20 minutes and will not exceed 15 slides.

    Good Luck!
    ************************************************** *******

    Any help is appreciated.

    thank you in advance

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