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    Default Problem printing inside FOR loop

    Hi, I have problem printing inside the FOR loop.
    After the first two FOR loop, this method stop reading the next line. How can I solve this problem. This is strange.

    Java Code:
    	private int spacing() {
    		int n = numberOfTriangles();
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Xs1 = new ArrayList<Double>(); 
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Ys1 = new ArrayList<Double>(); 
    		for(Polygon p:triangles){
    			double cX = p.xpoints[0];
    			double cY = p.ypoints[2];
    		//Remove duplicate key in X	
    		HashSet<Double> hashSet_list_Xs1= new HashSet<Double>(list_Xs1);
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Xs2	= new ArrayList<Double>(hashSet_list_Xs1);
    		//Remove duplicate key in Y	
    		HashSet<Double> hashSet_list_Ys1= new HashSet<Double>(list_Ys1);
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Ys2	= new ArrayList<Double>(hashSet_list_Ys1);
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Xs3 = new ArrayList<Double>(); 
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Ys3 = new ArrayList<Double>(); 
    		double distanceX = 0.0,distanceY=0.0;
    		//Get Distance between X coordinate
    		for (int j=0; j<list_Xs2.size(); j++){
    			distanceX = Math.abs(list_Xs2.get(j) - list_Xs2.get(j+1));
    			System.out.println("I am able to print everything inside this loop");
    		System.out.println("This is not printed");
    		//Get Distance between Y coordinate		
    		for (int i=0; i<list_Ys2.size(); i++){
    			distanceY = Math.abs(list_Ys2.get(i) - list_Ys2.get(i+1));
    			System.out.println("Nothing printed in this loop");
    		//Remove duplicate key in Y	
    		HashSet<Double> hashSet_list_Ys2= new HashSet<Double>(list_Ys3);
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Ys4 	  	= new ArrayList<Double>(hashSet_list_Ys2) ;
    		//Remove duplicate key in X	
    		HashSet<Double> hashSet_list_Xs2 = new HashSet<Double>(list_Xs3);
    		ArrayList<Double> list_Xs4 	  = new ArrayList<Double>(hashSet_list_Xs2) ;
    		int distinctDistance_Xs = list_Xs4.size(); 
    		int distinctDistance_Ys = list_Ys4.size(); 
    		int nSpacing = distinctDistance_Xs + distinctDistance_Ys;
    		int RMspacing=0;
    		if (n==1)
    			RMspacing = 1;
    		else if (n != 1)
    			RMspacing = 1 - ((nSpacing-1)/(2*(n-1)));
    		return RMspacing;

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    never mind..I solved the problem by adding -1

    Java Code:
    for (int j=0; j<list_Xs2.size()-1; j++){
    for (int i=0; i<list_Ys2.size()-1; i++){

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