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    Default unzip .jar/decompile .class/edit .jad/re-compiled . class ????

    Hi All,

    I'm new in Java, I know some basic concepts. I think that my matter, for a JAVA guru, is very easy to sort out.

    I have got a .jar file and my goal is to decompile .class in order to edit/substitute a string in the .java file.

    These are the steps fallowed :

    1) Unzipped .jar --> I have got some files and a file .class
    2) Decompiled .class --> By using DJ java decompiler --> .jad or .java
    3) I edited and substituted the string in the .java file
    4) I tried to compile it, but I have got an error : "line .. not a statement"

    This line corresponds to a "try and catch" expection...

    I also tried to use netbeans, importing all unzipped files , but I have not success.

    Could someone,please, help me telling step by step to follow?

    Please be patient :)


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    Post the lines around the line that is reported as not a statement.

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    And, try decompiling the class and then, immediately, recompile it. If that works, you're problem is the change you made.

    Just as a quick test to see if anything is even going to help. ;-)

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