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    Default variable output is always 0

    Hello all, new the forum. Looking to use this forum for advice/help in writing software for my CSC classes as I work on my software engineering degree.

    Well i hit a speed bump and i cant figure out what going on. I had a to write a program will calculate the length of time to reach a final population or
    final population after a given number of months with user input of the following fields: birth/death rates, initial Pop, population threshold.

    whenever method numBunnies is called it will output 0 no matter the values being passed to it. the calculations are correct, and the program was working at one point, i havent changed anything.

    whenever method numMonths is called will get stuck in an infinite loop. i believe this is because the outputing variable also always seems to equal 0 and thus not knowing when to exit the loop.

    i'll attach the complete java file in txt format, maybe someone can see what im missing.
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    nvm, i figured it out

    BunniesOld = IntPop / threshold;

    in each method need to be cast to a double:

    BunniesOld = (double)IntPop / threshold;

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