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    Default how how oh hooooooow

    ok so i decided to take my project step by step. i still consider myself new to java. i barely can write a java application with gui in it which is why im gona rely on my console capabilities :D instead of buttons ill use menus with a switch case of 1-x.
    ok so a small reminder of what i want to do. manage pictures on a webserver. i dont no how to turn my computer to a webserver but its nothing that a bit of reading. of course ill upload 100 pics to this server soon as i make one.
    the problem is the java application that is going to manage these pictures. id like to write a java application that accesses the webserver and displays the pics i have. or at least the names of each pictures ie names of files. how do i do that? i already wrote the program (took 10min) that accesses a folder on my hard disk and displays the names of the files. thts easy. but how do i get it to access a webserver and get the names?
    thanx. if this is supposed to b in another section plz move it and pm me the new link. sorry. and thanx again for ur help.

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    HttpUrlConnection and hope that the server allows directory content listings.

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