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    Default A question about syntax.

    Hello to all :). I've come just across a syntax that I've ever encountered before as I was reading the Sun Web site tutorial on tables (How to Use Tables).

    The source code is located under the "Specifying Tool Tips for Cells" section, and is part of the file. I'll reproduce it here:

    Java Code:
    JTable table = new JTable(new MyTableModel()) {
        //Implement table cell tool tips.
        public String getToolTipText(MouseEvent e) {
        //Implement table header tool tips.
        protected JTableHeader createDefaultTableHeader() {
    The code block wasn't the anonymous class that I first thought it was and as such, I don't quite see the need for the two braces (and the semicolon on the latter brace) encapsulating getToolTipText() and createDefaultTableHeader().

    Thanks in advance to all who could help.

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    Your anonimous class extends JTable. MyTableModel is NOT anonimous. All is ok.
    Try Controls4J - Advanced Swing Components.

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