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    Default MakeFile

    How do i use makefile in java??

    If i am using windows environment
    1) which directory to create makefile..what kind of file will be a makefile...will it be a .java file??

    2) what is the use of makefile if i have independent .java programs

    3) please provide a short example of creating a makefile with 2 java programs,each taking similar 3 inputs as arguements in string args()

    e.g i use following statement to compile my 2 programs
    java myprogram abc 12345678 8765432

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    You don't use a "makefile" at all. If you want something to automate compilation look at Ant or Maven.

    Edit: P.S. makefiles have nothing to do with execution of a program (as that command shown and the talk about "args" is). A makefile is for creating a program from source files.

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