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Thread: Socket Timeout?

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    Default Socket Timeout?

    So I have a Server-Client application I am creating and heres my problem.

    When the server disconnects, crashes, or a i shut it down (what I'm getting at, is its unexpected), the clients on the other end have no idea that the server has disappeared until sometime later.

    I believe the clients find out at some point of a TimeOut but they do eventually find out. I want a creative way to check maybe every 15 seconds whether the server is still there. I've looked up and down the Socket api for methods I could use. For example, there is a method


    But even after I close my server this method returns true for some while.

    Any ideas?

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    If you look at the java api doc for the isConnected method() it says it

    returns true if the socket successfully connected to a server
    I'm going to assume that once the socket has connected to the server it will continue to return true.

    One way would to simply send a packet and see if the server responds every 15 seconds. if it doesn't respond then something is wrong.

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