I downloaded some .jar files from htt * p://sourc * eforge.net/projects/cmusphinx/files/sphinx4/. I want to run sphinx4-1.0beta3-bin\sphinx4-1.0beta3\bin\HelloDigits.jar. This file is 4kB and is seen by system as "Executable Jar File" so everything should be all right. Unfortunately, there are some errors when running it with "java -jar Hello.jar" in Command Prompt.

It looks like there is no required javax.speech.recognition.GrammarException. I found this site ht * tp://java.s * un.com/products/java-media/speech/index.jsp but I cannot find those files which I need to download. Where should I copy them - to the directory with HelloDigits.jar? Can anybody tell me which files I should download, please?

And my other question is: can I send SMS from mobile phone with the use of Java application to the server? How to do it? I only found projects Gnokii and Gammu+ but it looks like they cannot help me with sending SMS from phone to server.