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Thread: Create .jar file

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    Default Create .jar file

    First of all, I'd like to apologize if my question is too silly or something like that =P I'm new in the Java World

    Now, I've created a .java file using JCreator (yes, and the .class file appeared in the same folder), and I'm able to run it. However, I have to open JCreator in order to execute the file. My program does not use a GUI. I was wondering how could I execute it just by double clicking on it (and of course, I expect the "new" file to be readable in any computer that has java). Is a .jar file appropiate for this purpose? Does the program need to have a GUI? (you may think I'm silly, but I'd be happy if only a black screen appears and displays my code. Do I have to create a GUI for that? =S) I've tried to create the .jar file using MSDOS, but it says that jar is not recognized as an executable command.

    Is there a program for what I need? Any help would be REALLY appreciated.


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    I would try this tutorial out first:

    How to create a jar.
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    When you're done with that article, download JarBuilder.

    Jar Builder - download tag - page 1 - Softpedia - for anyone that wants to get a new C++ forum on its feet.;)

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