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    I have no clue of java but I have this problem:
    We need a method that accepts two unidimentional matrices array1 and array2 of the same size where array1 has interger values and array2 boolcan values and it returns the product of the negative values of array1 to the places where array2 has True values.
    need it desperately and as fast as possible

    edit: also
    A)a class "foo" where it includes a checkRowsum method where it accepts as unique parameters one 2-dimension matrix of intergers let it be A, and an interger let it be thresholid.i.
    checkRowsum that it computes how many lines of A have sum of their elements grater than threshold-H.Your method should not include any call to input methods(pww nextlnt) or output (println)
    B)a "main" method which can read from the keyboard the M.N and a M*N matrix of intergers that calls checkrowsum and it shows the number of the lines that have sum greater than 100
    I need it for an assignment. If something looks strange it is because it is translated from another language
    thank you for any help
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    I'm a little bit confused as to what you want... if you can give an example of some sort it would help.

    Also, what do you need this for?
    If the above doesn't make sense to you, ignore it, but remember it - might be useful!
    And if you just randomly taught yourself to program, well... you're just like me!

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    Agrees with Boyo: You may get better help if you give us more details including sample data. Is this for a school assignment? What does the rest of the program look like? And why the rush?

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