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Thread: Editor for Java

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    Default Editor for Java

    Hi all
    I like to know the best available editor in java ...
    ofcourse free downloadable

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    I would recommend the eclipse editor ,Now Eclipse 3.3 milestones are available
    Other one is netbeans , I use them for swing applications

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    I recommend NetBeans. Sun put lots of efforts into it recently and it is becoming a great IDE.

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    The best editor for you would depend on the system that you are using, both these IDEs (Eclipse and NetBeans) are good but NetBeans is slightly heavier than Eclipse so if your RAM is below 512 MB, I would recommend that you use Eclipse.

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    The best editor for you is depend on the system you have as well as your level of Java knowledge. If you are a newbie it's better to work with a simple editor, like Notepade++. It's only highlighting keywords and really helpful to move ahead.

    ali is correct, Netbeans need more memory than Eclipse. But it not highlighted that Netbeans is worst. It's really nice IDE I've seen so far for Java. And I recommend it too for all.

    If you want to learn more about Java IDEs, see my signature. There is a link to a thread, where we are discussing about IDEs use in Java. You may be haven't see it before asking this question. :)

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