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    Default Array with objects

    Hi, I have made myself a class like follows

    Java Code:
    class State  {
    	static int[][] grid = new int[2][2];
    	static int parent;
    	static int depth;
    And would like many instances of this class. I tried

    Java Code:
    State[] states = new State[1000];
    But it does not set each instance correctly when I try states[0].grid = .... It treats it like one instance. What is the correct way to do this?

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    the reason is that u r using "static" access for grid.
    wen a variable is defined static it means that it is defined not for one instance of the class instead it is unversal for all the instances the class has.

    so if i say
    static int i=0; then all the instances of class will have i=0;
    and ny changes to i will affect the value of i in all instances.

    so the solution is to use public or private access for these variables instead of static

    so the class shld look like......
    class State {
    public int[][] grid = new int[2][2];
    public int parent;
    public int depth;

    state[] obj=new state[1000]

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