Hi All,

Recently, I've started to develop in Java, I've already developed an small app using a legacy clipper DB. Now I want to develop another app using this time a MySql Database but I get stopped due an overflow of APIs.

Here is my small history. I started to use JDBC, as I've already worked on ODBC i thought it should be the easy way. Soon I've got tired of mapping tables, so I goggled an I found "JPA", so I tried. it makes lot of work for me but I don't believed so stupid is it. I've to do lots of try/catch to avoid problems like the entered string doesn't feed on DB field, and of course it doesn't fire until I commit, so it's too late to recover. I've to check by myself in order to avoid wrong data nor stupid try/catch. I goggled again and I found "Validator", seems to work but again it forces me to add all annotations to JPA describing field type, field size, if it is nullable or not, etc. I believe it's better to get the Database definition (JDBC/Query/Metadata) but from JPA i can't access. I've already fighter successfully with pessimistic locking, but now I can't find how I can get more than one transactions simultaneously.

I'm really tired to look for/try/get disappointed. Can some one give me a list of API's/frameworks/libraries I've to use to work with JavaSE in order to be able to concentrate my work on grafics/busines logic ?. also a good tutorial will be wellcome.