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    Default I require some urgent help... plzzzz help me

    A java program to maintain bank accounts using two files. One is "master.txt" which will contain the Account number, Name & Balance.... The other file is "transaction.txt" which will contain the Account number, Type of account & Amount.....
    The program will perform the following task:
    1. Deposit
    2. Withdrawal (Only if the balance>=1000)
    3. Display
    4. Add new Entries
    The Program should be a Menu Driven one..........

    I am CONFUSED.........Plz HELP........:confused:

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    Explain the part that confuses you then.
    Have you done anything yet so far?

    PS : You should not flag your posts as urgent. Everyone else's posts are just as urgent as yours. Your "z" key also seems to be stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r035198x View Post
    Your "z" key also seems to be stuck.
    I lol'd

    Hurricane, I hope you aren't just asking us to do the work for you, because this seems like a pretty basic java problem. Like r035 said what part do you need help on?
    The one who laughs last is teh stupid.

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    Hi Hurricane, welcome to our community. :)

    Please provide more details when you asking question next time. Otherwise people are confusing here. You must ask your questions in smarter way next time.

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