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    Default Driving me insane - Program not working as it should ><


    I have four classes. Select, Login, Connect. I will break the situation down as the total code of my project is about 3000 lines and I doubt you want to shift through all that :p

    Basically, MainGui uses Connect for a database connection. I have something like this set up:

    public class MainGui extends javax.swing.JFrame implements Printable {

    public MainGui() {

    public String url = new String();

    Connect conDatabase = new Connect(url);

    The problem is, when I make a new object of this class in the Select class like so:
    private void jButton2MouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) {
    MainGui m = new MainGui();
    m.url = "jdbc:mysql://"
    It doesnt work, it cant connect to the database. The reason is, when I create a new Object of MainGui (MainGui m = new MainGui()) it loads the current configuration of MainGui before I can edit the url.

    Is it possible to set the m.url = "addy" before initalising the object?

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    One way would be to make the constructor take the url so when you construct you know the url to set. HOWEVER, that is a smell. GUI code should have nothing to do with connecting to databases. And you certainly should not be connecting to the database on the EDT.

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