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    Default recognition of spoken numbers; voice dialing


    I need to create application for Nokia 1680 Classic (or other). This application would be responsible for speech recognition - from spoken digits to text file. I found these:

    h t t p : / /
    h t t p : / /

    but in the requirements I see it is for Java Virtual Machine. I need to create application for mobile phone so it rather should be K virtual machine. I thought about using MIDP (there is other way - phone with Symbian, but it may be too expensive). I downloaded and installed Java Wireless Kit 2.5 for CLDC (somebody told me 3.0 doesn't work too well yet) and NetBeans. I also tried to look for "voice dialing" in google.

    The important thing is language. It is Polish, not English. There are no open-source projects on my language. I found PocketSphinx and Sphinx4 for English as open-source solution responsible for speech recognition. "Voice dialing" is based on comparing sound-wave files recorded by exact user before using voice dialing with sound-wave recorded when using this system. This is why I guess it should be possible to the same for my solution. (But I couldn't find whether it is possible to do it with Sphinx). The user would record his/her voice (speaking several words - digits, yes/no and two or three additional commands).

    Can you suggest me how to create recognition of spoken numbers in Java for mobile phones, please?


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    Default ASR - speech recognition


    I can assist you in porting a speech recognizer for Polish, but it is necessary to build a speech database.
    If you have words, numbers, etc, and you won't change, it is possible to build a small vocabulary with just these words, otherwise you will need to build a complete speech database for Polish with all phonemes, triphones.
    My company can produce this for you. You can find some information in ASR Labs. if you put a com, you will access webpage, but it is writing in Portuguese.


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